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Advertising Self Regulation And Outside Participation

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Boddewyn's book provides a rare insight into how advertising self-regulatory bodies really work--with or without outsiders. Many other studies have lauded self-regulation or dismissed it preemptorily, but this book focuses on its logic, limits, and ultimate contributions to the societal control of advertising. It shows how outsiders--where available and willing to participate--contribute to its functioning while the advertising industry remains in control of the standards applied by self-regulatory bodies. Practitioners, consumerists, and policy-makers should greatly benefit from reading this multinational comparison of a dozen countries with very different economic and legal environments. Sylvan M. Barnet, Jr., Chairman, Advisory Council, International Advertising Association It is generally recognized that the development and application of voluntary industry standards is a necessary complement to governmental regulation of advertising. With the expansion of advertising opportunities, however, the tasks of self-regulation have grown, along with doubts as to the industry's ability--or willingness--to enforce appropriate ethical guidelines. In attempt to resolve this situation, self-regulatory bodies increasingly invite the participation of non-industry members, especially where consumer protection is at issue. The first broadly based, comparative study of advertising self-regulation, this book explores the global implications of recent trends through detailed analyses of self-regulation in Europe, Asia, and the Western Hemisphere.

The Blessings Of Paid Advertising

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The ever-evolving nature of the digital media is quickly re-writing the rulebook of advertising and marketing. Using technological innovations and our online habits, advertisers have a variety of new promotional opportunities at their disposal that bring products and services to the public's attention. This book examines the cultural, commercial, creative and regulatory practices of advertising in these digital environments. From viral campaigns and in-game advertising, to audience profiling and dataveillance, this book gives a comprehensive exploration of digital advertising. It traces the growth of digital media uses, starting with its use as fringe advertising media and moving beyond the pop-up to become a dominant global advertising media form. Taking a look at the advantages, disadvantages and ethical dilemmas of using digital media, the text encourages readers to consider their own ideas about the field. The chapters combine industry and critical perspectives alongside inspiring example material and interviews with senior figures in the international advertising industry. Analysing key theories and emergent trends in the field, Digital Advertising explains complex ideas in a truly accessible way. Insightful, intriguing and informative, this book offers the big picture on the world of digital advertising today and looks at its possibilities for tomorrow. It is ideal reading for students of Media and Communication Studies, Advertising, Marketing and Business Studies.


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