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A Catalogue Of The Books, Autographs, Engravings, And Miscellaneous Articles

RRP $49.95

Belonging to the estate of the late John Allan. This book, "A catalogue Of the books, autographs, engravings, and miscellaneous articles," by John Allan, is a replication of a book originally published before 1864. It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form as close to the original as possible.

Interactions Between Charged Particles In A Magnetic Field

RRP $41.95

The present theory for the penetration of charged particles through matter rests on the fundamental work by Bohr, Bethe and Bloch. Due to the progress in the ac- lerationand detectionofparticles since the earlyyearsof the last centuryan incre- ing rangeofapplicationshas emerged, bothin fundamentalphysicsbut also in ?elds like medical radiology, materials science, nuclear ?ssion and fusion technology and many others. These developments require a detailed and quantitative knowledge about the processes occuring during the passage of charged particles through m- ter. A comprehensive overview on the present status of the theory of stopping of heavy ions in matter has, e. g., been presented in recent monographsby Sigmund. However, in recent decades considerable interest has been directed towards applications in which strong magnetic ?elds play a dominant role. Then the - clotron radius of the target electrons is the smallest relevant length scale and their cyclotronperiod the smallest time scale of the problem. While the ?elds occuringin magnetic con?nement fusion devices are still marginal in this sense, stronger ?elds are employed to guide the electrons in the cooling sections of particle storage rings and even more so for the deceleration of heavy ions and antiprotons in traps. In the rest frame of the beams the cooling/decelerationprocessmay be viewed as the st- pingof ionsin an electronplasma. Exceptforrecombination, changesin the internal structure are not so important in these applications. The emphasis of this book lies therefore on the interaction of ions with a magnetized electron plasm

The Articles Of Confederation Explained

RRP $29.99

Did you know that the United States of America began life as a confederacy, and that it was, in fact, officially called "the Confederacy" between 1781 and 1789? Did you know that for those eight years the U.S. technically operated as, and was also nicknamed, "The Confederate States of America," and that because of this our first constitution was named "The Articles of Confederation"?

Did you know that the conservative South fought the liberal North, not to "preserve slavery," as has been falsely taught, but to preserve the original limited confederate government of the Founding Fathers and the conservative ideals embedded in our first constitution, the Articles of Confederation? And did you know that it was for these reasons that in 1861 the seceding Southern states called themselves "The Confederate States of America"?

In this brief but educational book, The Articles of Confederation Explained: A Clause-by-Clause Study of America's First Constitution, award-winning author and historian Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook explores these topics and more in an in-depth look at the thirteen Articles of Confederation, first formulated in 1777. The complete and original text of each article is provided, along with a clear and simple explanation describing its meaning and intended purpose. Also included in this wonderfully illustrated little work is a list of the ten presidents of the U.S. Confederacy, who served, according to specifications laid out in Article Nine, between the years 1779 and 1789.

With this book, the companion to Colonel Seabrook's bestselling title, The Constitution of the Confederate States of America Explained, you will gain new insight into some of the fascinating facts that are left out of our history books. Discover for yourself why some of America's greatest thinkers, such as the author's cousin Patrick Henry, embraced the Articles of Confederation, and argued against replacing them with the U.S. Constitution and a bigger more powerful central government.

Civil War scholar Lochlainn Seabrook, a descendant of the families of Alexander H. Stephens and John S. Mosby, is the most prolific and popular pro-South writer in the world today. Known as the "new Shelby Foote," he is a recipient of the prestigious Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal and the author of over 50 books that have introduced hundreds of thousands to the truth about the War for Southern Independence. A seventh-generation Kentuckian of Appalachian heritage and the sixth great-grandson of the Earl of Oxford, Colonel Seabrook has a forty-year background in American and Southern history, and is the author of the international blockbuster Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner!

His other titles include: The Great Yankee Coverup: What the North Doesn't Want You to Know About Lincoln's War; Confederacy 101: Amazing Facts You Never Knew About America's Oldest Political Tradition; Confederate Flag Facts: What Every American Should Know About Dixie's Southern Cross; Women in Gray: A Tribute to the Ladies Who Supported the Southern Confederacy; Everything You Were Taught About American Slavery is Wrong, Ask a Southerner!; A Rebel Born: A Defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest; Abraham Lincoln: The Southern View; Give This Book to a Yankee: A Southern Guide to the Civil War for Northerners; and Honest Jeff and Dishonest Abe: A Southern Children's Guide to the Civil War.


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