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Book Marketing 101

RRP $15.99

As much as we don't want to hear it, book marketing is a huge part of becoming a successful author. Yet many authors don't know how to go about it or even where to start. I don't know where you are in your publishing journey, you might have been published for years but have always struggled with the marketing side of things or you could still be working on your first book and wanting to get a head start on promoting it, either way this book is bound to have something in it that will help you out. Giving a detailed overview of book marketing from beginning to end, this book is designed to give authors the information they need to attack marketing head on and start successfully selling their books.

Youtube Marketing

RRP $16.99

Create your perfect channel! YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the Internet, but not all people are aware of the fact that it is also a great tool for making money and promoting your product. At the moment, over 1 billion people use it. YouTube provides access of your business to a greater number of remote customers. And this can give you an advantage over other businesses that do not include it in their marketing campaigns. But YouTube isn't just for businesses, individuals can use it as well. All you need is an idea what topics you will cover and the courage to do it. With this book, you are going to learn how to create and optimize your YouTube videos. You will gain skills how to grow your audience and engage it. You will also learn how to use YouTube for Marketing and the details involved in doing this the right way. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn: How to use YouTube for marketing How to create a successful YouTube channel How to create high-quality video How to optimize your YouTube videos How to grow your audience and engage it How to avoid mistakes

Marketing Discourse

RRP $287.99

The marketing discipline has been dominated by managerial research that has never really been counterbalanced by a systematic critical analysis which is problematic given the assumed legitimization of the managerialism that has ensued. This book is an attempt to rest the balance, articulating a social critique and evaluation of marketing.

The book offers a critical survey of the most important contributions to managerial marketing discourse from the earliest twentieth century onwards, covering traditions of research such as scientific selling, marketing management and service marketing and drawing from Michel Foucault's understanding of power and Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe's Discourse Theory. The analysis reveals that managerial marketing discourse has promoted a government of organizations that is centred around the customer and that the shifts and turning points in this rationality through time signify more fundamental shifts in emphasis in the type of power promoted by marketing discourse and the subject positions is ascribes to people.


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Advertising Free Advertising Advertising Online Marketing
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Advertising Free Advertising Advertising Online Marketing
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