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Corrupt Business Practices In Newspaper Circulation

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This book is also a section found in the more comprehensive resource titled: "Advice and Cautions for Independent Publishing Authors." While this book is not actually on the subject of indie authoring or publishing, it does relate to it indirectly because some independent authors do indeed write as freelancers for in-print newspapers. I also believe the experiences I relate regarding dishonestly within a newspaper I worked as a distribution agent for, further helps to educate readers, in regard to the types of scams that are perpetrated by those who are dishonest within the publishing world in general. There are many honest and highly ethical people in businesses, and public offices, including those in the newspaper industry but honesty can only maintain an upper-hand when accountability for potential dishonestly remains in place and is practiced when necessary. I also feel that the type practices I describe in the chapters of this book, that I witnessed first-hand as a contract newspaper distributor, including illegitimate methods for increasing circulation by some newspaper companies, is far more common than the general public may realize. This also means that the cost of advertising being purchased from these newspapers, by businesses and consumers is sometimes illegitimately inflated by dishonest companies, based on false circulation numbers. Could it be that this is possibly one of the reasons for the continuing downfall of printed newspapers, with honest ones suffering, along with the dishonest ones? Written by a veteran "newsboy" with 16 years experience in newspaper sales. TABLE OF CONTENTS: CHAPTER ONE: Why I became a Newsboy CHAPTER TWO: Collection Time Shenanigans CHAPTER THREE: Tucked Away for a Rainy Day CHAPTER FOUR: How to Increase Newspaper Circulation without even Trying CHAPTER FIVE: Confessions of a Corrupt District Manager CHAPTER SIX: Ghost Routes Galore CONCLUSION

An Integrated Marketing Communication Case Study Of A Small Daily Newspaper

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This is a multi-method case study of a small, local newspaper, which in the last several years has developed innovative product design changes and experienced an increase in its circulation. Quantitative and qualitative data were gathered through several phases of research including interviews and a survey. Several major findings emerged from the study. First, the results extend application of theory in mass communication and integrated marketing communication (IMC), particularly the work done by Philip Meyer, Don Schultz and the Readership Institute at Northwestern University. Second, this study provides a complete picture of the marketing mix for this newspaper, which extends current literature that addresses only individual aspects. Third, in evaluating these contact points, this study contributes customer insights specific to not only this newspaper but also to broader industrial applications. Fourth, this study provides benchmarking tools for additional research including a reader behavioral score (RBS) and ranking of RBS-motivating experiences. Fifth, the results of this study build the knowledge of readership with possible insight for other small newspapers.

African-american Newspapers And Periodicals

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"We wish to plead our own cause. Too long have others spoken for us." These words are from the front page of "Freedom's Journal," the first African-American newspaper published in the United States, in 1827, a milestone event in the history of an oppressed people. From then on a prodigious and hitherto almost unknown cascade of newspapers, magazines, letters, and other literary, historical, and popular writing poured from presses chronicling black life in America.

The authentic voice of African-American culture is captured in this first comprehensive guide to a treasure trove of writings by and for a people, as found in sources in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. This bibliography of over 6,000 entries is the indispensable guide to the stories of slavery, freedom, Jim Crow, segregation, liberation, struggle, and triumph.

Besides describing many new discoveries--from church documents to early civil rights ephemera, from school records to single-mother newsletters, from artists' journals to labor publications--this work informs researchers where and how to find them (for example, through online databases, microfilm, or traditional catalogs).


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